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Our customers have high value data assets, systems and business operation. We define and implement tailored business-aware processes and technical solutions to keep them safe and available.


Business Focused.


Our Services

Partner with Protirus and benefit from our team’s experience, mature methodologies and relentless focus on customer success. Whether you are looking to explore the latest cyber security trends, design and implement your Information Protection program, resolve your Data At Rest classification and remediation challenges, pick or adopt a new technology, develop custom solutions or extensions or simply looking for someone to discuss your security requirements and challenges with, we are here for you and will set you up for success.

Maximise Technology Benefits

Design, deploy, customise and extend your security and privacy technology to your specific environment and requirements, with seamless integration and maximising benefits and return on investment.

Assess Maturity & Optimise

Review security operations program, service design, processes, methodologies and implementation to assess current state and identify opportunities to optimise your staff, technology and practices. Through optimisation, enable your organisation to best address security and privacy requirements.


Automate repetitive tasks and elements of relevance in security and privacy operation, analysis and investigation.  Automation leads to operational cost savings and allows for acceleration in the adoption of key initiatives.  

Staff Smart

Drive maximum value from resources, by obtaining services specific to your business requirements, rather than taking on expensive staff than can only address a subset of your needs.

Our Team

Program Managers

Bridging and coordinating business stakeholders and requirements with technical teams.

Project Managers

Coordinating technical activities and ensuring success of their execution.

Business Consultants

Translating business challenges into operations, process, audit, risk and governance solutions.

Solutions Architects

Designing services, solutions and processes based on business and technical requirements.

Consultants & Developers

Delivering flawless technical execution.

Resident Operational Engineers and Managed Services & Support

Operating security services and solutions.

Our Customers

We work with some of the world's largest organisations, in a wide range of business areas.​

Benefit from our experience solving their complex problems and developing comprehensive solutions.

Our Contacts

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